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Campus Crates was started to make the lives of parents and students much easier. Campus Crates was founded in December, 2015 by students at Baylor University who realized how inconvenient and expensive moving out can be. In 2017, Campus Crates merged with The UPS Store in order to best offer storage, moving, and shipping services to students across different universities.

Campus Crates powered by The UPS Store has since expanded to The University of Texas at Austin, St. Edward’s University, Concordia University, and Texas Christian University. Campus Crates powered by The UPS Store is a subsidiary of Holy Ship, L.L.C. which owns nine of the leading UPS Stores in Texas. They have been providing shipping and storage services since their initial UPS Store franchise in 2006.

The managing partner of Holy Ship, L.L.C. is Jordan Gandy, who graduated with honors with his BBA in Entrepreneurship from Baylor University in 2005. The managing partner and a founder of Campus Crates is Ryan Snitzer, who graduated cum laude from Baylor University in 2018 with a BBA in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Selling.

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