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Please read the following printable instructions in full prior to pick-up:

Move-Out Instructions 2018


Move-Out & Packing Instructions
Our team at Campus Crates powered by The UPS Store is looking forward to helping you with your move-out experience and storing your belongings. Please read the following instructions and tips in full prior to your pick-up for summer storage. If you have any questions, please contact our storage manager Ryan at 254-300-8641 or
Packing Guidelines
  • You must securely tape the top and bottom of all your boxes prior to pick-up. Please do not fold over flaps. If you are unsure how to properly close your box, one of our associates will gladly show you. Reusable boxes must close completely without bulging.
  • You must completely fill all spaces in the box to avoid damage. This can be done with paper, peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. These supplies are available at our stores and kiosk.
  • Fragile items including ALL TV’s and MONITORS must be boxed. We can provide packing and boxing service for you if you are unsure how to safely pack fragile items. Fragile items should have at least 3 inches of padding on all sides.
  • All electronics should be in original packaging. If you do not have the original packaging, you will want at least 3 inches of bubble wrap on each side.
  • Particleboard/pressed wood furniture (i.e. boxed furniture you buy and put together at home) is not made for transporting. If storing these items, you must disassemble them prior to our arrival. Please note if you do not take the item(s) apart, we will do our best to safely move and store them, but are not liable for damage.
  • All refrigerators must be defrosted, dry and empty. Liquids may be stored with lids tightened & sealed in air tight containers properly protected in storage box marked “liquids”(with marker) on the outside of the box provided they are non-hazardous (i.e. Toothpaste, shampoo, lotion etc.). *Hazardous materials & liquids are prohibited.
  • Dressers and desks need to be empty. If drawers are filled, additional fees will apply.
  • If you can’t lift it, we can’t lift it. There will be a surcharge on boxes weighing over 50 pounds. Please use small boxes for books and heavy items.
Move-Out Instructions
  • In the event you need to pick up more boxes or switch out sizes, you can do this free of charge at our kiosk on campus or at The UPS Store by Common Grounds. If you do not use all of the boxes for storage, please return them at pick-up or you can pay the retail price of the box.
  • You will receive a more detailed time window for storage pick-up at least 4 days prior to pick-up that falls within your preferred move-out request at registration, based on the order of registrations received.
  • On the day of your pick-up, our Storage Crew will notify you when they are on their way. Please meet them in the lobby of your dorm or outside your apartment/house if you aren’t doing pick up at the curb. Baylor requires that you escort the storage team members to and from your room.
  • Our Storage Crew will label your items, ensure that items are packed carefully, and give you an invoice pending your signature.
Payment Completion and Insurance
  • The outstanding balance is due at pick-up once you know exactly how much is to be stored and if any promotional package is applicable. You may either pay via card or utilize the card on file from registration for your convenience. Please refer to website for pricing structure and reach out if we may clarify anything for you.
  • It is a good idea to keep track of what items you pack in each box. This can help you when deciding insurance value of your storage. Each box is insured initially for $100, but you can purchase additional insurance as well. Maximum insurance per box/item is $2,000 and $10,000 for the entire storage contract.
  • Should you find damage to your items, you must save the box and all packing materials and notify us within 12 days of your delivery. In addition, you will need to provide proof of the item(s) value or repair cost(s).
Thank you for choosing Campus Crates powered by The UPS Store!